Thursday, 21 January 2016

10 Things I'm Looking Forward To About Motherhood - Part One

Enjoy some photos of my mum and me when I was a baby (also a photo of me when I was younger!). I have been loving posting about my pregnancy the most on this blog (I guess I'm more a mummy blog than a beauty blog at the moment) and I've been so happy to see how much everyone is enjoying reading these posts as well! I got an idea in the bath one day to do a series of posts about motherhood, and the things I am looking forward to about it. There will be several posts, some of them focused on a certain age range of the child and they will not be the only things I will be looking forward to, so keep that in mind!

Today's post is going to be focused on my child as a newborn and some of the things (really, not all! 10 is not enough!) that I am looking forward to. Some of these also apply to other age groups but this is just for now!

1. Getting to hold my child, in particular for the first time

This is one of the things I'm looking forward to the most. I'm technically holding my baby constantly every single day, but I can't wait for the day that I actually get to hold them in my arms and see them. I want to be able to cuddle them, kiss them and just be able to look at their little face and see how much joy they are going to bring me. Knowing that I will have this moment makes me not terrified of labour at all, because I know once it's done, that will all be nothing when I have the baby in my arms. 

2. Lying in bed together as a family on a lazy Sunday

My partner works weekdays so has the weekends off, but I'm wanting to get into a habit of Sunday's being family days when we all have a cooked breakfast, do some baking and have a roast dinner each week. I would love to be able to start my morning will all three of us all lying on the bed together cuddled up just as we try to wake up properly. Myself bosied (cuddled) into my partner and both us holding our wee one together! (This obviously applies to other days and times as well!)

3. Knowing the reason I'm woken up throughout the night is an amazing one

Everyone keeps telling me "oh you're going to be kept up all night" and I know this. I'm okay with this. Because I know the reason why I will be kept up all night because my child is needing fed or wants a cuddle. A child that I love to pieces and want to do my best to look after as well as I can. Sure, I'm going to be tired, sure I might just get back to sleep but get woken up again, but it will be worth completely. 

4. Summer walks by the river/canal and going to the park

Our little baba is going to be a summer baby (yay!) and I'm looking forward to taking them out in the pram and going for walks down the canal near our home or down by the river in the main part of the city. The river leads down to the park, so a little wander around there and Stuart and I may have a little picnic while our baba relaxes/sleeps and sometimes has something with us (well, their milk!). I don't want to sit in everyday, I want us all to go for walks and such together and keep this going on as a family. 

5. Dressing them up in cute outfits

Come on, it's a little person and there's little tiny clothes that are sooooo cute of course you have to dress them up!! We have a variety of outfits in mind for each gender that we want to put them in and take photos of them wearing whatever they've got on. My mum is going to revel in this as well and I know she's going to go nuts buying all the cutest outfits she can for when it's "baba at granny's house" time! I'm sure everyone who is expecting or would like kids in the future is looking forward to this.

6. Spending evenings cuddled up on the couch

Sometimes when me and Stuart have been cuddled up on the couch, he would say "imagine what it would be like to sit like this together and have a little baba here with us" (this was before I was pregnant!) and it was such a lovely cute thought. We would get our dinner, get showers/baths out the way, get into cosy jammies, pop something on the TV or a film and we can all cuddle into each other on the sofa until we eventually decide it's bedtime!

7. Having this person that is part of me and part of my fiance

I'm probably not alone in thinking it's amazing that two people can create another person. I always look at my bump and think "the little person growing inside me is part me, part Stuart" and it's just an incredible thing to think about.

8. Giggling at all the little faces they will make

Baby's make funny faces, they all do. They're cute though. I know I'm going to spend most of my time just looking at them and studying their facial expressions and what causes them to do what and eventually pick up on the things that make them happy and the things that make them sad as well. 

9. Bathtime!

It's going to be interesting the first time I give my baby a bath but it's going to be a whole new experience for them so seeing their initial reaction to being put in a small bit of water will be good to see! It'll also be lovely for them to come out smelling all lovely and clean and putting them in nice clean, soft jammies and making them all cosy afterwards!

10.  Loving them unconditionally 

My partner and I have so much love for our baby already that we know that's only going to increase after I give birth and they are actually here (well, here as in not in my belly!). It's a love that can't be described and is really something that is completely unconditional. I'm looking forward to showing them that love every single day for as long as I live. 

I hope you enjoyed these 10 little things, there are a million more but I will do these posts every so often with more things I'm looking forward to. Anything my readers are looking forward to about motherhood/fatherhood? Can you relate to any of these points I made above?

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