Tuesday, 5 April 2016

30 Pregnancy Blog Post Ideas

When it comes to blogging, sometimes you may find yourself stumped for ideas when it comes to posts. I'm no stranger to that feeling myself. Though, with trying to plan blog posts up until August, I am finding myself getting inspired with more and more ideas for blogging. So I have decided to compile a list of ideas that I have had that are centered around pregnancy, as this is the main topic featured on my blog. 

If you've just recently found out you are expecting, and want to incorporate that into your blog, these will help you get started. If you've already been blogging about your pregnancy but want to feature more posts on the topic, this may just give you a few more ideas! 

1. Announce your pregnancy
2. Keep a weekly/monthly pregnancy diary
3. Talk about the physical/external changes to your body
4. Talk about pregnancy symptoms and how you alleviated them
5. Announce the gender (if you found out!)
6. Share things that annoy you about what other people have to say about your pregnancy
7. Talk about aspects of motherhood you're looking forward to
8. Vent about some negative feelings you've had during your pregnancy
9. Share your first trimester experience
10. Show progress of development of your nursery!
11. Share some of the clothing you have bought your baby
12. Put together a cute maternity outfit? Do a fashion post!
13. Share a baby clothing wishlist
14. Review any baby/maternity products
15. Share your maternity essentials
16. Let us know your pamper routine to help aches and pains
17. Share your favourite pregnancy blogs or books!
18. Talk about name ideas you have and why you like them
19. Talk about aspects of pregnancy people might steer away from speaking about
20. Talk about the things you're going to get up to on maternity leave
21. Speak about health during pregnancy
22. Share your partners feelings on the pregnancy/parenthood
23. Share your baby shower planning/baby shower photos!
24. Share a list of some of your pregnancy cravings!
25. Post a haul of any baby essentials you purchased recently
26. Share what's going into your hospital bag
27. Talk about your feelings about childbirth and any worries you have
28. Going on a babymoon? Blog about your time away!
29. Share lessons you learnt growing up that you want to teach your child
30. Share baby photos of you and your partner, who do you think they will look like most?

As you can see, I myself haven't done some of these post ideas on my own blog but some of these I intend on writing about. I hope this has been helpful in someway to either get you started or to give you more ideas about what you can add to your blog. If you have any ideas you'd like to share, let me know in the comments below! If you decided to post anything from this idea list, share the link with me and I will get reading and commenting!

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