About Me
My name is Jasmine and I'm currently 25 years old. Residing in a small city in Scotland, my interests extend to other parts of the world. My taste in music, beauty products and make up styles, fashion are reflected in these. Aesthetically I have a strong love for pastel colours, generally cute things, minimalism and flowers.

On the 6th of June 2016 I gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Rinoa.

Alongside blogging and parenthood, I can usually be found playing games. This is something I don't talk about very often on my blog, but it's a hobby that takes up a lot of my extra time. Other than that I am usually just found chilling, watch videos TV shows and listening to music.

About The Blog
Started on the 2nd of December 2015, kkochsongi is a blog with a major focus on make up and skincare originating from Korea. After spending the last 7 years almost solely using Korean products and still on a journey to learn more about the brands, the products and the benefits of these items, I wanted to share with my readers this journey. During this time I hope to expand on the awareness of some of my favourite Korean beauty brands and I also want to talk about different make up trends that are very apparent in Korea, how they are applied and what it is about them that makes them so popular. I also enjoy talking about other important aspects of my life and want to use this blog as a journal of sorts to share my good memories. 

The Blog Name
There's a particular aspect of my blog that I have noticed quite a lot of people have been intruiged by and usually ask me about and that is what my blog name is all about. So I'm going to explain just that to you!

When did I start using "kkochsongi"?
Kkochsongi (꽃송이) is a Korean word I chose to use as a username on various social media accounts in the middle of 2013.

What does it mean?
Literally, the word kkochsongi means bunch of flowers.
꽃 (kkot) is the Korean word for flower, 송이 (songi) is the Korean word for bunch/cluster.
To use it loosely it just means flowers/blossoms.

Why did I choose to use it?
I decided I wanted something that was neutral but also something that could be associated with myself. Since my name Jasmine means flower, so I wanted something in Korean that could be linked to that. As most were used, I decided to opt for this one and alternate the Romanisation of it (since it should technically be kkotsongi) as it also gave the word a softer look to it. I have taken a very literal Romanisation of it.

I also found out when I was using it, that the results that come up are also nearly all exclusively linked to me, so it's something that creates a known identity for me on the internet. It may not be the most imaginative of names, but it's one that I like and identify as it.

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