Here you will find information in regards to my disclaimer and information for brands that wish to work alongside me. If you are a blogger looking to collaborate please see this section.

Any product featured on kkochsongi.co.uk has either purchased by myself, given as gifts either from friends, are received with other purchases or sent to me for review purposes. In the event of an item gifted to me in the form of sponsorship, I will clearly state at the bottom of the post above my signature that I have received it in this manner and will be also given the tag of sponsored post. Any posts I happen to receive a monetary payment for will also be marked out in the same manner.

I will not accept pre-written posts from brands.

I will only accept products or sponsorship for things that I feel fit in with my blog and it's brand.

The very vast majority of photos taken are my own (aside from a small number of stock images). If you wish to share my blog photos please ask for prior permission from me first and please give credit if you do so as well.

If you would like to discuss with me in full anything in regards to working with me please send an e-mail to kkochsongi@outlook.com.

All of my reviews are 100% my honest opinion and I will remain adamant in giving my readers my true opinion on the item.
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